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Areas of Expertise 

• Information Technology: Successful Agile and Waterfall Project Management of mixed on premise and off shore resources.  
• Siebel CRM: Design, Development, Business Analysis, Administration, and Training.  
• Database: Relational Data Modeling, Data Loading, SQL, and PL/SQL Development. 
• Applications: Sales, Service, Marketing, Business Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Product Cataloging and Pricing, Opportunity, Quote, and Order Management. 

 Professional Experience 

Ebicus – Halfweg, Netherlands 2014-2015 
Senior Siebel Consultant 

• For a major European Retailer developed and modified Web Services supporting a Siebel 8.1 Loyalty Management application. Modifications integrated Siebel with Retail Point of Sales Terminals in order to award and redeem loyalty points. 
• Created new Siebel External Business Components, Business Services, Applets, Views, Business Objects, Business Components, Fields, Tables, Columns, Pick Lists, and Workflows responding to Agile User Story Requirements. 
• Implemented new Command Buttons, Business Services, BASH Scripts, and PL/SQL Stored Procedures automating the creation and administration of Database User Credentials.  
• Developed and Implemented a Microsoft Access Agile Requirements and Software Configuration Management solution tracking all changes made to Siebel development artifacts distributed across multiple quality and production servers. 
• Developed new Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) Data Import, Export, Delete, and Update procedures used to load Legacy data into a new Siebel database. 
• Configured changes to a Siebel 8.1 Insurance Policy Pricing application complying with new Government Regulatory requirements. 
• Introduced new Siebel Automated Deployment solutions to the Ebicus Task Force evaluating Siebel Software Configuration Management requirements. 

 Sociale Verzenkringsbank – Amstelveen, Netherlands 2013-2014 
Siebel Team Leader 

• Evaluated all Quality Assurance issues with off-shore development teams building version 1 of a new Multi-Reality Entitlement Management application for the Dutch Government. 
• Designed and Developed a Siebel 8.1 application tracking Agile User Stories and the Siebel Artifacts modified by development team members. The Agile User Story Workbench was the first component of a full Siebel Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) solution. 
• Designed and Developed a Python application automating the deployment of Siebel Artifacts identified in a manifest built using the Packaging feature of the Agile User Story Workbench. The Python program relied on encrypted parameters to dynamically access Siebel Servers, Oracle Databases, and Operating System features needed to include new or changed artifacts in Quality and Production Siebel Universal Customer Master and Siebel Public Sector environments. 

 Harvey Saks Technologies, BV – Amstelveen, Netherlands 2010-2015 
Siebel Trainer/Product Developer 

• As an Oracle Sub-Contractor delivered Siebel BI Publisher, Siebel Core Consulting, Siebel Business Analyst, and Siebel Case Study training courses throughout Europe. 
• As an Oracle Sub-Contractor customized and delivered Siebel Public Sector training in Denmark. 
• Designed and Developed the Siebel 7, 8, and 8.1 Business Analyst Workbench a Siebel application improving Business Analyst Productivity while reducing the dependence on Siebel Tools. This product would be used to jump start the Agile User Story Workbench. 
• Delivered Siebel Business Analyst Workbench training for effect a German based Siebel consulting and training partner.  

 Siebel Systems/Oracle – New York, USA 1998-2010 
Siebel Technical Account Manager, Partner Educations Manager 

• As Technical Account Manager for a Major New York bank, coordinated 2 project teams implementing Field and Retail Banking Applications  
• Developed the Data Dictionary cross referencing a Major New York financial institutions Legacy Data Model and the Siebel 99 database 
• First Siebel Employee to teach both Server and Tools training programs 
• First Siebel Employee to earn the Siebel Consultant Certification 
• Responsible for hiring and training new Siebel Partner Education Instructors 
• Back filled Siebel Italy’s Education Manager’s responsibilities’ as I recruited and hired a permanent employee while meeting all performance quota’s for the region. 
• Developed and Delivered Siebel Train the Trainer and New Hire Workshops 
• Delivered Siebel Core Consulting, Business Analyst, and Management Overview courses to an international audience spread over 5 continents 
• Elected to Oracle Leadership circle for outstanding performance as a Siebel Instructor 
• Reviewer of Siebel 7 and 8 Certified Consultant and Business Analyst exams 


• Siebel Certified Consultant 
• Siebel Certified Instructor