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For the last few decades (yes it has been that long) I have hosted a Web site with content that reflects digital experiences in both my professional and personal life.  I am sure that many of my fellow workers in the Computer profession would agree that ones professional and personal life become blurred as pressures in one can lead to the ignoring of the other.  As a member of the Computer profession that has traveled extensively around the world working as a Director, Manager, Consultant, Trainer, and Systems Architect, I have managed to work on interesting and challenging projects while meeting and working with talented and motivated people from all around the world. 

Many years ago a dear friend said that the secret of life is Love, Work, and Knowledge.  At the time in my early 20's my work was on a fast track providing new opportunities and experiences as I moved from Brooklyn to New York City.  At the time of the conversation the struggle was in the development of Love as I had thought that I had some knowledge, which I did.  Now 30 years latter I have a lot more knowledge, still struggling with the transforming nature of love, and seeing many new opportunities professionally.

So in an endeavor to deal with the topics of Love, Work, and Knowledge, I dedicate this next version (version 4) of my Web site.  I hope there is content that you enjoy, and I welcome any feedback.

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