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Hello, in this section you will see some of my latest additions to the site.

New York, September 11th 2001 - Reality hits New York, Pictures and commentaries from a day that shook the world

Utrecht - Come on a tour of a city turned into a Jazz Festival, Utrecht, under an hour by train from Amsterdam, come join the celebration

Queens Day - Amsterdam becomes a wild place as thousands crowd the city to buy from flea markets, listen to music, drink, and stroll through the city.

Leiden - A quaint little city in the Netherlands, come look at a preserved Roman Fortress at the top of the city.

Tel Aviv - Come to Israel spend a day in an Amusement Park and walk through the local outdoor Markets

Bruge - Walk through this Mid-Evil city in Belgium, take a look at the canals and some interesting evening pictures.

Sydney - Take a ride on a Catamaran, a walk along the coast, a trip into the wine country, and a stroll around town.

Paris - Take a walk with me through the streets of Paris, monuments, markets, shops, and people enjoying a fall weekend.

London River Thames - Take a walk with me along the river on a Saturday in the Fall of the year 2000

Danielle's Sweet 16 My niece comes of age, come see the family get together

Serendipity An online friend and photographer has some pictures from Australia, take a look

Cape Town Working 4 out of 5 days in South Africa I managed a day of sightseeing around the Coast line of Cape Town.  Amazing beaches and mountains, come see where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

San Diego Come take a stroll through the zoo with me.  Komodo Dragon, Polar Bear, Black Bear and many other creatures walk through these pages

Las Vegas  Come meet my brother as we celebrate his friend Darren's birthday.  Take a trip down the strip, travel to the casino's, see the hotels, have fun at the world's craziest adult playground.

Duke's Come see the boys hanging out at Duke's, see Duke, Bob, Stuart and me.

Come To Ecuador With Me  take a peak at Ecuador from the heights of it's mountains to the depths of it's jungles.  Come with me as I step on the line separating the northern and southern hemispheres.

Brazil Come with me to Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.  A walk in a Market near Sao Paulo, and a weekend in Rio.  It is one way to escape the winter in New York.

San Francisco come see the Palace De Legion of honor, Baker Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, Light Rail, Cable Cars, and my favorite drinking spot along the Warf.

Home in New York for the holidays, I had to get home in December and January to experience the snow.  See some friends, snow in New York and Long Island.

Come See Photographs take a peak at 8 pages of photographs

Come Chat With Me visit my new IRC equipped chat page, you may even be able to find me on-line this way.  Java support is required.

Come to Thanksgiving visit with my family over the holidays.

Come to Munich a business trip in December.

The new century begins and I hit the road, back home for the snow in New York, the beautiful fall like weather in San Francisco, and currently a beautiful summer in Brazil.  Not bad for a few months on the road.  I have plenty of pictures and interesting stories, so come on in and travel along with me.

I hope you enjoy your trip to my world and look forward to your feedback.

With love for all.



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This Page was last Updated on 01/29/2013

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Home Page All About Me Travels Whats New Index of Pages


This Page was last Updated on 01/29/2013

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